Successful NavaidDrone Mission during the commissioning of a new IL

Beginning of November 2018, a measurement drone specially developed for carrying out ILS measurements of Instrument Landing Systems was employed at Hannover International Airport in Germany during the commissioning of a new Instrument Landing System. This entailed generating DDM (Difference of Depth of Modulation) measurement curves above and below the 3° approach path of the new 09R ILS at 1 km distance from the threshold. The measurement flights were monitored not only in the control tower of Hannover airport, but also at the DFS headquarters in Langen via the new DFS/Telekom U:CON drone tracking system. The flights were very successful and form an important impulse for the rapid operational introduction of measurement drones for ground measurements of the numerous Instrument Landing Systems installed at German airports

Freitag, 9 November, 2018